List of Accepted Papers

List of Accepted Papers*

  1. Ambiguous Collation Method for Multi-Level Color Halftone Image based on Visual Characteristics
  2. Effects of Lighting with Opponent Colors on Promoting Positive Emotional States
  3. Unifying Optimization Methods for Color Filter Design
  4. Linear, subtractive and logarithmic optical mixing models in oil painting
  5. Per-Channel Regularization for Regression-Based Spectral Reconstruction
  6. Contactless Classification of Strawberry Using Hyperspectral Imaging
  7. Autonomous Driving in Simulation using Domain-Independent Perception
  8. Evaluating Video Quality by Differentiating Between Spatial and Temporal Distortions
  9. How to look at spectral images? A tentative use of metameric black for spectral image visualization
  10. Color Naming and Communication of Color Appearance: Is it Different for Native Georgian Speakers?
  11. Image Statistics as Appearance Predictor
  12. Surface discretisation effects on 3D printed surface appearance
  13. Semi-supervised Tissue Segmentation of Histological Images
  14. Description of a low-field MRI scanner based on permanent magnets
  15. Capsule Nets for Complex Medical Image Segmentation Tasks

*subject to changes